Chios island, Greece

Chios is the fifth largest island in Greece, on the north-east of the azure blue Aegean Sea only 7 nautical miles from the coast of Turkey and Ismir with its International Airport, Chios is a beautiful, traditional, off-the-beaten tourist track island steeped in history, well known for its celebrated past, unique culture, famous archaeological and historic sights, rich nautical character and its distinctive special products like the natural mastic gum (Mastiha), citrus fruit and Areiousios wines made to ancient recipies.


Chios Island, Greece

Picture a beautiful Greek island shy of tourism, where you can experience the authentic Greek customs and way of life away from the crush and bustle of mass tourism: Chios, the nymph of the Aegean Sea, better known as the motherland of the famous ancient poet Homer (“Heliad” and “Odyssey”) and sole producer of the world renowned natural “mastic” gum. Chios island, apart from its exquisite flora - dominated by pine forests, mastic trees and citrus orchards, also features celebrated architectural treasures – medieval castle villages, Genovese (17th cent.) mansions, Byzantine churches. 

Travel to chios by boat Ταξιδέψτε στη Χίο με το πλοίο

Travel Information:

CHIOS ISLAND is easily accessible by air with daily scheduled flights from Athens and/or Thessaloniki Int’l Airports, or by overnight ferry from Piraeus and Kavala Ports.
Holidaymakers may also opt to fly to Izmir (Turkey) Int’l Airport, travel the short distance to Cesme port (45mins by bus or taxi) and take the daily ferry (35mins/7 nautical miles) to Chios Port.